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Scott Francis
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Austin is really driven by UT talent and energy.  Sometimes the residents and beneficiaries of Austin and UT give back.  Silicon Hills reports that Qualcomm is donating $1M for a new UT Engineering Center.

Now, I know enough about these things that I’m pretty sure $1M doesn’t cover a whole “engineering center” but it will help fund it:

The Qualcomm gift will provide funding for the new home of UT Austin’s Wireless Networking and Communications Group in the new engineering center, which opens in 2017.

The new space will be called the Qualcomm Wireless Networking and Communications Research Neighborhood. It will have 20 faculty members and 130 graduate and undergraduate students and numerous researchers and industry partners.

UT needs more leading donations like this to spur investment in key technology areas.

Speaking of which, donations at other levels of education can also have a profound impact on education in a city. When I think of what a school like Magellan International or another elementary or middle school could do with a $1M donation… What an impact it would have on educating our children and building a virtuous cycle.