Unified Collaborative Work Environment?

Scott Francis
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Anatoly, one of my favorite bloggers in BPM, has written about the unified collaborative work environment:

1. Interoperability: one form of collaborative work initiates or calls another. […]

2. Migration: changing the collaborative work classification over time. […]

3. Unified tasks management: every collaboration decomposes to tasks eventually. The task content remains the same whether it comes from a project, process or case. The “My tasks” portal should contain all tasks assigned to the performer wherever they come from.
4. Unified resources management: tasks coming from various collaboration channels usually require the same resources, i.e. people. A manager responsible for the efficient resources utilization should have the whole picture: what processes, cases and/or projects a particular employee participates in.


I was curious if we would hear more about this at bpmNEXT… and we did!  Sandy Kemsley’s blog does a good job of capturing it – I was too busy watching the demo and forgot to take good notes!