Organizational Debt

Scott Francis
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There’s common understanding of technical debt in software circles these days.  I think the concept applies to processes as well (queue the process debt posts I’ve written over the years).

Steve Blank writes recently about Organizational Debt.  Possibly an outgrowth of Ben Horowitz’ Management Debt. Steve even has a handy chart to show you when Organizational Debt hits you:

Steve points out several things that growing companies face.

But what resonated to me is how to disseminate information as the company grows.  I don’t know if there’s one right answer to this, or if you just try a little bit of everything to make it better, and then stick with what works.  As our company has grown, I’ve seen concern over timing of communications arise even when communication is nearly instant.  There’s a baked-in assumption that satellite locations are hearing things later than the home office, when the opposite is just as likely.  This is that next challenge, and one that is still work-in-progress at BP3!