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Scott Francis
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This is the post to read, from Ben Thompson:

More importantly, though, I think Comcast is likely overreacting: the fact of the matter is that the Internet has made the cable companies even more powerful than they were in the days when TV dominated. All of the investment required for supporting hundreds of high definition channels lent itself wonderfully to supporting the fastest – and in many locations, only – broadband access to the Internet. Moreover, while Congress regulated just how much rent cable companies could collect on television, the latest net neutrality regulations largely give broadband providers free rein as long as they treat all content equally (the explicit model is the wireless industry, as I explained here).5 I would argue that the future for Comcast – even as a dump pipe – is quite bright.

And the diagrams (on Paper, I’ll guess) are worth the price of admission:

The evolving cable world

Just from this one picture you get a sense of the pressures mounting toward a change in the pecking order.




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