I can’t Resist another BPM is Dead Post

Scott Francis
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In January the BPM.com forum posed the question “Which parts of BPM are Dead“.  My first reaction was “not this again”, but actually a couple of good responses.

First, Bogdan Nafornita weighs in with one items that might be dead:  The zero-code myth – and one item that might not be born yet: superficial data modeling.

Second, Emiel Kelly: “the idea that BPM is a project -> No, it’s daily business.” and “the idea that BPM = Automation -> Partly it might be, but managing processes needs more than automation.”  I guess this just proves you can still learn something even while beating a dead horse (so to speak).


  • Noe Banda

    I like Emiel Kelly’s input. Got to go read more then… :)