An Interview with IBM, from #SXSW

Scott Francis
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While attending SXSW, I did a casual interview with some folks from IBM, who had a large presence in and around the conference this year. From IBM’s perspective the focus was on IBM SoftLayer, IBM Cloud Marketplace, and IBM Bluemix – but of course if it is BP3, you can assume it is all about BPM as well!  In the edit of the video you won’t hear the questions, but they did a great job stringing my answers together in a pretty compelling video!  (I might be biased)

In the interview we discussed why BPM has been a tricky space for the cloud, but that IBM’s mix of on-prem and private cloud and public cloud offerings is a good fit in our market. IBM really covers the bases on providing support – both within and outside of their own cloud offering.  IBM also supports our efforts with Neches Analysis, which runs on SoftLayer (and within Cloud Marketplace).

Also got a shout out to our team for a great 2014!  Thanks to Carolyn and Scott of IBM for offering the chance to contribute my voice to the narrative!