HuffPo Reveals 14 Powerhouses you Need(ed) to meet at SXSW

Scott Francis
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Unfortunately Huffington Post didn’t publish this article until SXSW-interactive was nearly complete–  on Monday, March 16th – but they definitely put a good list of great speakers and powerhouses (who happen to be female).  So I guess these are the ones you needed to meet (past tense!)… but it isn’t too late. Some of them live and work in Austin.

It was especially nice to see Heather Brunner on that list, who also spoke with us on our Trilogy Alumni Effect panel Sunday morning.  She did a great job representing WP Engine, the Bazaarvoice alumni, and the Trilogy Alumni network.

Another powerhouse female executive told me over coffee how impressed she was with the diversity of SXSW-interactive – to which I think I replied, surprised, “you mean, how many women are here?” And she said, no, like, all kinds of diversity.  In those terms, I have to agree, SXSW-interactive might be the most diverse tech conference I’ve ever been to.

Congrats to Heather and the other great women and executives on Huffpo’s list!

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