Have a Taco, Be Happy

Scott Francis
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CultureMap posted a great take on Forbes’ list of unhappiest places to work–  Austin comes in at number 5!

CultureMap says:

Wait, what? What about our reputation as a top city for job seekers? And the fact that we’re a great city for STEM careers? Sure, our traffic is so terrible we have to talk about it all the time just to make ourselves feel better, but we see sunshine 300 days a year and live in a city where it is culturally acceptable to eat tacos for every meal.

I’m with you.  The only possible conclusion is that tacos were not factored into the mix (or as CultureMap put it, Misery loves tacos).  Newsflash for anyone who hasn’t moved here yet: we’re all full, no need to relocate because Forbes says we’re unhappy! (oh if only it was that easy to slow a net-migration of over 55,000 residents per year!)