Keith Swenson on the Drucker Forum 2014

Scott Francis
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If you didn’t get to the Drucker Forum, Keith Swenson has you at least partially covered.  What a great list of speakers:

It is time again for the Global Peter Drucker Forum.  Here are some highlights of talks from John Hagel, Clayton Christensen, Gary Hamel and others.

Better yet, Keith’s post has a link to the forum, where all the talks are available.

I liked this bit from his notes on John Hagel’s talk:

There are three types of business: (1) High volume routine processes, (2) product innovation, (3) customer relationship.  These three business types are very different; we should not lump them together.

Great speakers have a way of distilling important ideas into statements that frame your world and context.  Love this simplistic, yet useful, categorization.