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Scott Francis
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I’ve written before about Orbital, the labor of love of my good friend Gary Chou.  But a better endorsement and capture of the spirit of the effort is available on Fred Wilson’s AVC blog… First, regarding Gary, a Union Square Ventures alum:

One of these alums is Gary Chou. Everyone who has met Gary knows he is an incredible person. He is generous to a fault. Which is an asset in my book. He is also very talented. He operates at the epicenter of making, coding, designing, building, and managing product. And I mean product in the broadest sense.

And second, regarding Orbital itself:

It’s a space with excellent karma. What Gary has built at Orbital is a school where people can learn skills from those who have mastered them. But it’s not a typical school. It is also a place talented people work and meet and collaborate on projects. Everything is highly considered and curated at Orbital. Gary is not maximizing for revenue. He is maximizing for soul. I do not use that world lightly but in this case it is true.

Not maximizing for revenue. Maximizing for soul.  I think that is a great way to describe Gary as well.  In that sense, Orbital is a fantastic reflection of Gary the person.  And this project “feels right” for a time when many are looking for work that fits their purpose, rather than a purpose that fits their work.  Apply for the next 12-week boot camp here.




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