BPM Still Produces Astonishing ROI

Scott Francis
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There are those that say ROI is dead, or BPM is dead. But BPM projects just continue to put up eye popping ROI statistics.  In many cases the ROI is so good that companies are embarrassed to publish the results because it reveals in a sense, how bad things were before.

Recently, Luis Carrasco-Cortes shared the story of a manufacturer that found a 30:1 return in 12 months on the dollars they spent on BPM.

The problem they were trying to solve pertained to clients calling Customer Service to claim warranty parts on the industrial equipment they bought from this company. They were experiencing inconsistent outcomes across different customer service representatives as well as locations, which had a material impact on customer satisfaction, sales and resulting cash flow.

Warranty returns and parts sounds innocuous doesn’t it?  But these are the opportunities within large manufacturers that are often being overlooked – and can yield huge returns on investment.