WP Engine, Local Austin Startup Goes Big

Scott Francis
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Recently saw this news in the AustinStartup blog, about our hosting company, WP Engine.  In just about any business, these numbers are exceptionally good:

[T]he company has surpassed 23,000 customers with 200,000 + domains, representing a customer increase of 130 percent in the last 12 months. The company has expanded its offices in Austin, San Antonio and San Francisco to 195 employees – almost a 150 percent growth over the same time period. The company anticipates exiting 2014 with more than 220 employees[…]

It’s impressive growth – but what you can’t tell from reading about the growth, is that they’re achieving it by providing great customer experiences and a great value for WordPress hosting.

Congrats to our friends at WP Engine – who, coincidentally, also put a sign on their building not long ago…!

Update: well, when things are going well, the congratulations keep rolling… Jason Cohen just won the Tech Titan CIO/CTO category award tonight, a well deserved recognition of his contributions as CTO of WP Engine.  Heather Brunner, WP Engine CEO, was also there – and I’m looking forward to participating in a panel discussion with her and two other Austin CEOs – Chris Taylor and John Price – at SXSW in 2015!