More Kevin Spacey Thoughts from #IBMIMPACT

Scott Francis
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Impact2014John Ivey captured some great thoughts from Kevin Spacey’s talk at Impact, definitely worth a read:

“So I’ve been thinking of what I might speak about today — something that might capture your attention and interest. For example, I could recount the story of when Jason Batemen almost strangled that poor waiter in the catering tent on the set of ‘Horrible Bosses’ or maybe let you in on why David Letterman is actually retiring,” Spacey said. “But I think no, that lowbrow stuff is not of interest to you. You’re a group of serious-minded professionals. You might prefer a 45-minute dissertation on dynamic I/O reconfiguration, LPAR isolation, an IPI for capacity provisional management. That’s right, I know your f***ing terms. And I’d do all that if I had any f***ing idea what any of that meant.”

Trust me, read his whole blog post! There are a few more gems in there.