James Taylor’s Take on #IBMIMPACT

Scott Francis
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Impact2014James Taylor captured a series of blog posts on this year’s Impact conference that do a great job, in particular, of covering the keynotes:

  1. Mobile and Cloud at Impact – covering the Day 1 keynote
  2. More on Mobile, results from a mobile strategy panel on Day 1
  3. Day 2 Keynote – Made with IBM. Again, a good capture of the keynote overall.
  4. Notes from his own presentation on the Mobile Enterprise
  5. A panel on Cloud, revealing that a big reason behind the SoftLayer acquisition was their ability to handle different types of work loads.
  6. Coverage of the Smarter Process update, with emphasis on the ODM pieces.  No mention of Brazos or Brazos Portal, alas, but maybe we’ll catch his interest next time.

I love it when someone else covers the sessions so well that I don’t have to write them up!  And better yet when they attended sessions I wasn’t able to attend.

The message was pretty clear from IBM – business is moving to the cloud in various ways – as virtualization, or as composable business infrastructure, and IBM wants to be there to play a part regardless.