What is the Mission for Internships at BP3?

Scott Francis
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Our goal with the internship program at BP3 is pretty simple.  We want to add value to our interns’ career and skill development.  In turn, we are making the bet that these interns will create value for us at BP3.

I expected we would get some interesting proofs of concept. I expected we’d get some interesting code. I expected we’d find some people we really wanted to hire.  I did not expect that we would make such lifelong friends with interns – even the interns who never come back to BP3.  The bonding between our interns and our team has really impressed me.

I also expected that our program would enhance the market value of our interns.  History has proven it out!  Our internship program has been proven to create job opportunities for our interns – into their next internship or co-op or full-time job.  Because we are using interesting technology and solving interesting problems, and if you hang out with BP3 for a summer you’ll pick up on how to talk about the intersection of technology and business.

Now, watch the video!


BP3 Internship Mission from bp3 on Vimeo.




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