We’re going back to #bpmNEXT in 2014

Scott Francis
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We hope to see you there – we’re looking forward to updating the BPM community on what we’ve learned over the last year working with BPM and mobile and responsive UIs.

If you are engaged in the BPM community but missed out on bpmNEXT last year, I encourage you to attend and check it out.  It isn’t the conference for closing deals, but it is definitely the conference to spend time with colleagues you might only know from blogs and twitter and vendor conferences. bpmNEXT is the conference for getting a better idea of, well, what’s next.  Registration and more can be found here, and the conference is March 25-27 at Asilimar in California. The Agenda looks awesome.

As a little bit of a teaser for this year, here’s a reminder of what we had to say last year, courtesy of the folks at bpmNEXT :