Technote: Installing Multiple Versions of the IBM BPM Process Designer

Scott Francis
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TechnoteWe’ll be posting more Tech notes like the one David Bailie published to our knowledge library, on the subject of installing multiple versions of the Process Designer on the same machine.

Problem Statement
There are times where you may need multiple versions of the Process Designer installed on your system.  The current way that Process Designer is distributed does allow multiple versions to be installed using the default install method, as it assumes you will only ever interact with a single Process Center and that you should keep the Process Designer version in lock step with that Process Center Version.

Each knowledge library article will have useful technical information and how-to information in it.  In this case, detailed update instructions for installation.  Just part of our work to give back to the community and share what we know.  I love aggregating useful information like this for our customers, partners, and team members.  And I love that we have the BP Labs team to make the investments in this kind of research and documentation.