One Austin, Two Zebras

Scott Francis
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I almost forgot why I had this article tagged, until I read it again – and noticed (again) that not one, but TWO companies with Zebra in the name raised money in early December.

First, Zebra Imaging – a hologram developer, which raised $5 million.  Second, InsuranceZebra (I believe now, just “Zebra”) raised $2.9 million.  Simultaneously reported, Rêv Worldwide raised $4.8M, NSS Labs raised $4M, mobile payment company Mozido raised $30M,  Quantified Impressions raised $550k, BeHome247 raised $1.6M, and Structured Polymers raised $1.2M.  The startup community is alive and well in Austin.

And I admit to being just a little surprised that Austin is a big enough place to have two startups named Zebra in the news on the same day: December 9th, 2013.