WP Engine News: I’m a Happy Customer

Scott Francis
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We’ve been using WP Engine for a couple of years now to power BP3’s site. It’s a great service and a great company, run by one of Austin’s favorite (and widely-read) entrepreneurs, Jason Cohen.  The other day he posted an announcement on the WP Engine blog:

Today, as we grow past 80 employees, the job of the CEO has changed considerably. [..] We need the best person for this new job, and after working side-by-side every day for the past six months with our amazing COO, Heather Brunner, I’m thrilled to announce that Heather is that best person! As of today, Heather is officially our CEO.

As a customer, and as  a friend of the firm, this is a great milestone for WP Engine.  I’m looking forward to many more years as a happy customer getting fantastic service.  Congrats, Jason, on the new role as CTO – and to Heather on the new role as CEO.  I fully expect WP Engine to keep on killing it and continuing to provide inspiration for our own service model at BP3.

[Author’s note: I don’t have a financial interest in WP Engine or in writing about them, though I wish I did!  I’ve been following the customer since their first announcement and after about a year, ported our site to WP Engine to make it easier to manage – and faster. It has been a win on all accounts and has allowed us to update the site with minimal disruption. If you’ve managed your own WordPress site for a while, you will really value what WP Engine gives you. ]