IBM BPM Coach Views, and IBM BPM with BP3’s Brazos UI Toolkit

Scott Francis
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IBM has posted a host of useful videos on a few different YouTube channels.  In a recent video, IBM gives an introduction to the CoachView framework introduced in IBM BPM 8x, and continued in subsequent versions.

It does a good job of explaining, functionally, how coach views work.  But there’s a better way to achieve the UI you want for IBM BPM – by using BP3’s Brazos UI toolkit.  Your processes will have a beautiful interface that is easy to re-brand, and due to its responsive design, behaves equally well on mobile devices of varying operating systems and sizes.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the How-to video below, for the Wind study demonstration.  Ease of use, combined with a better UI and full support for mobile interfaces, it is the only IBM BPM toolkit to accomplish this.

Brazos 2.0 Demo – Wind Study (Under the Hood) from bp3 on Vimeo.

Hands down, Brazos is the best UI and best mobile framework for IBM BPM.  Take it for a spin, we think you’ll agree.

To sweeten the pot, I have it on good authority that our Beta period is nearly at an end and Brazos 2.0 GA will be released shortly.  Stay tuned…