This is a Tough Blog to Read

Scott Francis
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It is hard not to feel for this guy, and his team.  My Startup Has 30 Days to Live is a tough look at a (probably) dying startup.

I wish I could write about how I capitalized on a once-in-a-lifetime moment, using it to find some way to save my team and this company. I wish I could tell you about how I begged and pleaded my way to a soft landing, allowing my team to bring their awesome talent at building and creating to a company that would really be able to make these talents shine.

Yeah, normally we only hear about the ones that pull out of the tailspin.  The guys who mortgaged their house, made it through the lean times, and then prospered.  But most startups don’t do that – they just die.  Reading this blog is insight into some of what goes on – in what might be the last days of a startup.  Pretty much anyone who has started a company and faced the brink will relate.

I honestly don’t know if the stories are true or not, as it is anonymous. But it is plausibly true, and a great read because it is so raw.