Another BPM Vendor Acquired

Scott Francis
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I missed this on the news wire, but luckily MWD was there to pick up the thread, as Informatica buys Active Endpoints:

Back on February 15, Informatica almost silently acquired BPM technology specialist Active Endpoints. Although the BPM vendor built most of its business by selling a traditional on-premise product (ActiveVOS), Informatica was largely lured by the company’s more recent extension proposition, Cloud Extend.

Informatica’s cloud-based integration business is consistently managing the integration of over 2bn records daily; but although it had a strong data integration foundation to offer, it was missing the kind of co-ordination layer that comes in so useful when you’re trying to deal with more challenging integration requirements around matching, reconciliation, aggregation and so on.

What I find really interesting is that what made the transaction really attractive was Active Endpoints cloud capabilities (in combination with BPM) not just the BPM capabilities alone.

Although we never did too much work with Active Endpoints at BP3, we did have respect for their team and for the folks that we worked with to outline partnership opportunities.  Hopefully the acquisition was a good outcome for the whole team!