6 years and 31 days

Scott Francis
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It seems like only yesterday when BP3 was started – May 1, 2007.  We were so busy at Impact this year that we didn’t remember to tell everyone about it!

About a year later we started the blog… and hired our first employees.

We’ve come a long way since then – not only surviving market upheaval and economic recession, but thriving in spite of it.  There’s nothing I like more than helping build the best BPM team in the business. Every day I’m more and more impressed with what our team can do together with our customers and partners.  BPM is a canvas rich with opportunities.

We go forth into year 7 with the future as bright or brighter than it has ever been for BP3. Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far – and to everyone that will help us get to the next level!

  • Awesome. @berkokid of Thinktiv points out that this is 2222 days (including leap year) – which in Austin is a very auspicious number because it is also the road I commute on every day :)

    coincidence? you decide…