BPMN and its Limits

Scott Francis
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You won’t find a better recitation of the limitations of BPMN, written by an expert, than this post by Bruce Silver.

Still, it is surprising to me how little has been written about what those limits are, what “BPMN-ness” really means.  Extending BPMN (as Marco and others in the social BPM community propose) requires fitting new behaviors into the BPMN framework, while abandoning it (as Keith and others in the ACM community propose) has no such constraints.

Bruce proceeds to document what BPMN-ness means, in a sense, by focusing on boundaries.  And of course he ends with the teaser for the sequel:

To those of you who know BPMN already, the preceding recitation of its features might seem a strange way to talk about it, but it serves as a springboard for discussing how and why it might be extended to meet the needs of social BPM and – dare I even imagine it? – ACM.  Stay tuned for that.

Looking forward to seeing the next post.