The Most Important Kind of Startups in #Austin

Scott Francis
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There are lots of great startups in Austin these days.  Lots of great startup ideas even.  But the most important startups, for my money, are the ones that serve great food:

“We were down there having a beer,” Schmidt-Franks says, “and John said, ‘You know, we should open another barbecue restaurant in Austin. Let’s ask Keith.’ ” Over the next two years, the idea evolved “over beers and wine on the back porch,” says Schmidt-Franks. “We each had to tell our own parents about it, and they are all very happy for us.”

Using the business savvy she earned during years working at Dell and Apple, she wrote up the business plan, “down to the sausage.”

Although most of the meats — brisket, shoulder clod, prime rib, smoked turkey, pork chops — will be prepared just like those at the Lockhart restaurants, Chad Franks says that they’ll buy sausage from both Kreuz and Smitty’s to serve at Schmidt Family Barbecue.

I can’t wait til they open.