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Scott Francis
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Why, BP3 is, in the Daily Texan Online, which is running a story about the expansion of tech companies in Austin and the impact on employment for graduates.  The article makes several good points about Apple, GM, and others, but my favorite part comes at the end of the article, where our very own Thomas Nguyen, a UT graduate, is quoted:

Tommy Nguyen, a UT corporate communications and computer science alumnus, works as a software consultant for BP3, a technology consulting company. Nguyen said he was happy to find a tech industry job that allowed him to stay in Austin and use his computer science skills. Nguyen interned at BP3, which employs up to 30 people, during his last year at UT and got the job after graduation.

“We’re actively trying to look for college recruits,” Nguyen said. “We’re one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Austin.”

He’s right.  We’re actively looking for college recruits.

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