Embrace Mobile Value Props

Scott Francis
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Good post from Clay Richardson on Embracing Mobile – to Deliver A New Value Proposition for BPM Excellence:

Business leaders respond to mobile with, “Let’s build a really slick mobile app, put it up on iTunes and we’re done!” Technologists respond to mobile with, “We need a strong BYOD policy and to put device management tools in place!” Both of these responses completely overlook the fact that underlying legacy applications and business processes need optimizing for the mobile experience.

We run into examples of this “lipstick on a pig” approach to mobile all the time.

I couldn’t agree more.  This is exactly why we’ve focused on building BP Mobility – to put mobile app capabilities in the hands of IBM BPM customers.  Because it isn’t just about putting the web interface on your mobile device.  You need a rich native mobile app experience.

And it isn’t just about putting the same process into play on your mobile devices.  You have to really re-examine your process in light of location, visibility, and always-on aspects of your new mobile user base.  And that just scratches the surface of capabilities that will alter your processes.

If you’re really looking to unlock value, you have to go past the surface.