the Emerging Global Business Language

Scott Francis
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Great post on Ian Gotts’ blog- a guest post by Mike Gammage, it looks like – on the emerging global business language: Process:

Process, in one guise or another, is a recurrent theme. It’s further evidence that a business process management platform is coming to be seen as the essential infrastructure to enable effective and enterprise-wide collaboration on innovation and continuous improvement.

We’ve come a long way in BPM, have we not?

I also like this bit, which reinforces the idea that process isn’t just the rubber stamp to crush innovation and individuality:

The McKinsey authors dismiss, quite rightly, the view that it’s as simple as global standardization. Benchmarks, standards and industry models are invaluable guides but, at the end of the day, it’s often a complex calculus. Every organization is on its own journey: “No company’s restructuring should be viewed as a blueprint for that of another.”

I don’t want to spoil all the fun – go read their blog post, and then read the McKinsey article linked here. Great stuff for process professionals.