MWD at TIBCO Transform Event

Scott Francis
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MWD covered the TIBCO “Transform” event in London.  It was a traveling event (Sydney, London, Paris, etc.) and MWD were able to attend as a team.

It is a good read, and there were a few highlights that really jumped out at me:

Overall our feeling was that the organisers had forgotten that age-old exhortation: “show, don’t tell”. In eagerness to demonstrate TIBCO’s strong financial fundamentals, passion for innovation, strong investment roadmap and so on, the speakers worked valiantly and earnestly but the overall impression we got was of being hit over the head with a sack full of acronyms.

I’ve had this feeling at big vendor conferences too.  When the one differentiation available to a single-vendor conference is that they can SHOW you something and you’ll genuinely care.  In a broader BPM audience a demo may only be interesting to the subset of attendees that use your software.  But at your own conference, you can count on a much higher level of interest  (Still, I recall only one live demo at IBM Impact’s main stage – IBM BPM, no less).

It sounds like the event was a game of horse shoes- close, but never quite hitting the mark.


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