Interesting Take on Red Hat and BPM

Scott Francis
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Jim Sinur’s blog has a few choice comments about Red Hat and BPM:

My mission at the Red Hat Summit was to find out the state of process and the likely hood that Red Hat will compete favorably in the BPM technology markets. Well I have mixed news on this point. While much of the technology necessary for a solid BPMS and even an iBPMS that business folks can leverage is out in the technology communities, the motivation will have to come from Red Hat clients and prospects.

Read the article for his summary… But I think the point of the last sentence is that there doesn’t seem to be buy-in to BPM at the top levels of Red Hat – so Jim is looking to clients and prospects to steer them that way.  But that is putting faith in a tech company to listen to their customers a lot better than most tech companies do so…