If You Have Career Envy, Read This

Scott Francis
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Jason Cohen once again channels perfectly what a lot of people involved in startups go through. I call it career-envy- but in the context he’s talking about you could just as easily call it startup-envy.  It is measuring yourself against a new set of goal posts all the time – where the process of moving the goal posts undermines your previous achievements. This isn’t about challenging yourself to do more or better – this is about being honest with yourself – pro and con – in your career.  I’ve seen this with friends at recently-public companies where employees have divided into haves and “have-nots” – sometimes even people who started at about the same time but simply were given different sized stock option grants.  But you can see this form of career envy in areas that aren’t simply monetary. Recommended reading:
I would say “stop comparing yourself to others and just be as good as you can,” but high-achievers like you and me could never accept that advice, even if it is wise, because we’re physiologically incapable of not measuring ourselves by impossible yardsticks we invented and, because of Impostor Syndrome, by definition we always come up short. Instead, how about this: Stop comparing yourself to something that is objectively incomparable. That’s just irrational.