Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Scott Francis
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We’re approaching one of my favorite holidays in the United States, Thanksgiving.  Of course it is a great holiday because of the family traditions of getting together, the road trips, the airplane flights, the reacquainting with family near and far.  But I also love this holiday for the food – sometimes in Texas a turkey just isn’t good enough.  You have your fried turkey.  Your turducken.  And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get your BBQ Thanksgiving (turkey, brisket, sausage, what’s not to like?). But mostly I like Thanksgiving because it is a good time to remember how fortunate we all are to be in this business and to have the opportunity to work with our team and our customers.   I’m often impressed by how much people in the BPM community help each other – to find work, leads, jobs, customers, projects, business cases, studies, training.  This is a community that believes in paying it forward, and we’re glad to be part of it.