Getting it Done

Scott Francis
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I love the Graphing Calculator Story.  It is an oldie but a goodie. When I hear people (you know who you are!) lament a lack of corporate sponsorship as dooming a project to failure, I want to send them this blog post.  Ron Avitzur didn’t even have a *job* and he got his project done and shipped.  He lists out a litany of roadblocks in front of them – and yet he managed to cajole others into helping him.  To get others excited about his vision for the graphing calculator. It is a classic example of leadership from below, or leadership from outside.  No one reports to him, so he can’t command a change.  He has no official status.  And yet he is able to mobilize resources by creating a buzz, by being honest, by having passion about his work. I’ve often been a proponent of leading from below.  If you’re successful, the executive sponsorship will come.  Typically it doesn’t happen the other way around.  So quit making excuses and be the change you want to see in your organization.  Read Ron’s story for inspiration.  No excuses now – we’re getting paid after all! (Unlike Ron!)