Interesting Read on Self-Organizing (Business) Networks

Scott Francis
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Keith Swenson just put out an interesting blog post on Self-Organizing Business Networks– there’s a focus on what makes for enterprise social software, and what the “social” part really means.  But this particular bit caught my attention:
Most current systems are built in such a way that they require a technically knowledgeable person to make these reconfigurations.  I am NOT suggesting that we simply open these capabilities up to business users.  Instead, I am suggesting that the system should be built from the very beginning to allow this kind of change; so these changes are safe for users to do.  It needs to be easy as well.  A system that requires coordinated changes in multiple places (such as adding a network user, and adding them to access control) is going to be difficult and error prone.
Directionally this is right – it isn’t about exposing business to the complexities of IT administration, it is about writing software, apps, or mediums that don’t require such technical reconfigurations.