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Scott Francis
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Ran across this blog post by Daniel Selman from April of 2011:
 For the past few months I have been leading a small, but very dedicated, team that has been improving the consumability of core ILOG BRMS components/APIs and supporting the BPM team as they perform the integration of the ILOG components within the BPM design and runtime. I believe it will lead to a considerably better rules experience for BPM customers as well as provide a smooth migration path to the full ILOG BRMS, if and when required. Of course it also just makes good engineering sense to share ILOG’s expertise and code in the business rules space with our comrades in the BPM team.
Pretty cool to see these groups working together – this is the kind of collaboration that I have to admit rarely happens outside of either an open source project (semi-rare) or a single company (semi-rare).  What I like best is the tone of his blog – he really sounds interested in seeing the best of ILOG getting up-take with those BPM customers.



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