If there's no Design, is there Design by Doing?

Scott Francis
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Jim Sinur raises this question in a non-confrontational way in his recent blog post.  It’s good to see him back at blogging on the subject of BPM after a short hiatus.  The trend he predicts:
As BPM matures it will have to reach to groups of knowledge workers that can easily work together for the common good of process outcomes, improving processes and recognizing unexpected patterns of behavior in processes plus participating constituents(clients, partners, employees etc.). Enabling good feedback mechanisms and encouraging “early warnings”. will be behavior that will be encouraged, going forward.
Reading between the lines – he asks if Social BPM is only communication/collaboration or if there is also some structure required to deliver the benefits.  To me, a short-hand way of describing his cautionary note is:  if there’s no Design, then you’re just Doing.  I’m not sure that just Doing is better than Doing with a little bit of Design thrown in for good measure (or, in the case of highly structured processes, a lot of Design).  


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