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Scott Francis
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A few great blog posts covering IRM BPM Europe.  This is a joint EA and BPM conference that was quite well attended by people I follow in the BPM space, but we weren’t able to attend this year.  A few of the highlights here: It seemed that quite a few BPM practitioners were impressed with Alec Sharp’s presentation on June 9th:
The main point of the discussion is again that the human issues are the key for effective business process re-organization.And Organization Development (OD) is a perfect discipline that can complement the BPM initiatives.
Sandy Kemsley, as always, had excellent coverage of the event – and started off with an explanation of why EA and BPM conferences might be co-located:
EA provides a framework to structure for transiting from strategy to implementation. BPM – from architecture through implementation – is a process-centric slice that intersects EA at points, but also includes process-specific operational activities. They present EA and BPM as collaborative, synergistic disciplines
Sandy has great coverage of several more sessions, including “Designing a Breakout Business Strategy“, and Building a Business Architecture capability at Shell:
The EA and process design CoE have been combined (interesting idea) into a single EA CoE, including process architects and business architects, among other architect positions; I’m not sure that you could include an entire BPM CoE within an EA CoE due to BPM’s operational implementation focus, but there are certainly a lot of overlapping activities and functions, and should have overlapping roles and resources.
She also had another good reference to EA and BPM – Claus Jensen’s presentations and a recent red book. Adam Deane has perhaps the best overall review of the event in a single post:
I was fortunate enough to attend both the Gartner EA conference and the IRM BPM/EAC conference this year. Gartner added a BPM track to their EA conference. IRM combined the EA and BPM conferences into one joint conference. There were some subtle differences between the conferences: Gartner’s message to the EAs: “Wake up and start embracing the business” IRM’s message to the EAs: “Too late. Enterprise Architecture has already been divided into IT architecture and Business architecture. Deal with it” Gartner focused on the future of EA: Energetic, Gamification, Business oriented. IRM focused on the past: Trips down memory lane, The glory days of EA that have long gone, The “has been”.
Interesting dichotomy – at least that is how it struck Adam.