Congratulations to OtherInbox

Scott Francis
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From SXSW website:
Launched at SXSW 2009, Austin, Texas startup OtherInbox has experienced strong growth and recently surpassed a major milestone, one million users. That growth is more than double over last year. Their Organizer email application lets users regain control over their cluttered inbox by automatically organizing opt-in email and sending out a daily digest. The utility of OtherInbox hasn’t just been recognized by users. Companies like Yahoo! and Google have included OtherInbox in their webmail and it will also be on AOL’s new Phoenix product.
I was an early adopter of OtherInbox myself.  So early, I got victimized by one of the pivots (from email address defender to email organizer).  I still use it, it is still a great service.