Who had Something to Say at Gartner BPM 2011? #bpm11

Scott Francis
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Elise Olding reports on twitter stats in her latest blog post:
April 27th stats: # tweets for the day – 637                    # unique tweeters – 91 April 28th stats: # tweets for the day – 789                    # unique tweeters – 114
I think the delta in tweets reflects partially the stronger content on day 2, causing more people to participate. But it also probably reflects that people got on the proper hashtag bandwagon.  Since individual sessions and topics didn’t have their own hashtags, we can’t compare interest level as we might in SXSWi, for example. Sadly, even on twitter you can’t get an accurate count of peanut-gallery comments.  Though you might get a sense of it with Ian Gotts (@iangotts) in most active, and myself in 5th.  You could probably double the # of officially tagged tweets with the side-bar @-replies and DMs.  

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