This Captures Exactly How I Feel About Lunch

Scott Francis
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Joel Spolsky:
There’s a lot of stuff that’s accidental about Fog Creek and Stack Exchange, but lunch is not one of them. Ten years ago Michael and I set out with the rather ambitious goal of making a great place to work. Eating together is a critical part of what it means to be human and what it means to have a humane workplace, and that’s been a part of our values from day one.
Lunch is often wasted eating alone at your desk.  Get out there and eat with your colleagues and friends, and build the working (and personal) relationships that will enrich your life and work.  If I can’t have lunch with coworkers I meet up with old co-workers or friends to catch up on their lives.  It is a great opportunity for personal connection. (Note: I recommend BBQ or TexMex)    


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