John Reynold's Implementation Dream Team

Scott Francis
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This is a fun post from John Reynolds about the BPM Implementation Dream Team.
Rapid Iteration BPM implementation projects, like the ones that I work on, depend on “Business” to take on building responsibilities and “IT” to take on requirement writing responsibilities.  We don’t structure responsibilities like this just to make everyone feel good, we structure things this way because of the way things are:
  • All Business requirements have Technical implications
  • All Technical implementations have Business implications
When the business folks hit the technical hurdles, and the technical folks hit the business challenges, there’s great incentive to find “another way” that gets the team to the solution sooner.  Shared misery builds strong bonds. The core of our ideal BPM implementation team are two individuals; the Business Lead and the Technical Lead.
I recommend reading his blog for the rest of his entertaining post.  John has a great attitude about BPM and it shows in his writing.