There's Another BPM Vendor Conference Going on

Scott Francis
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Sandy Kemsley has good coverage of the other conference going on this week in the BPM space: AppianWorld. Unlike Sandy, we weren’t about to try to do two conferences in one week! Three of her blogs on the conference: I think where Appian is making their bet is obvious:  SaaS deployment in the cloud, and a new mobile-compatible interface, Tempo.  Tempo is certainly better than any of the other BPM interfaces I’ve seen on an iOS device.  Hopefully other BPM vendors will wake up to the need to really innovate on the mobile interfaces.  I worry that companies like IBM, in particular, worry too much about being cross-platform on all the mobile devices, rather than taking a more Evernote strategy of being device specific with the edge, and either in the cloud or highly compatible on the server. (The important part is the re-use on the server, not the re-use of UI bits on the client).