Sandy Kemsley Reviews Bruce Silver's BPMN Training

Scott Francis
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Good review of Bruce’s training:
There are few people who have this depth of BPMN knowledge, and Bruce is the only one who I know who is doing this as a professional trainer: his is the only BPMN course that I recommend to my clients. He needs to work out a few bumps in how the online course works, but in general, I thought this was a great course, perfect for a business analyst who is already doing some process modeling but doesn’t know any BPMN, but also informative for those of us with some prior knowledge of BPMN.
Sandy’s review is quite an endorsement of Bruce’s training.  Of course, any online training environment is a bit of a challenge compared to on-site or in-person delivery.  Sandy’s isn’t the only endorsement he’s had – many BPM product vendors have also implicitly or explicitly endorsed his training over the years.