The Difference Between the Apple Experience and the Android Experience

Scott Francis
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Great post from Marco Arment about a week ago, regarding the new Samsung products that are supposed to compete with the iPod Touch.  Just the beginning is telling:
Apple should be scared of the upcoming competition:

Samsung presented some of the first significant competition to the iPod touch…

I’d call it “potential competition” — it’s not competition if it doesn’t exist yet. And when it does, it’s not really a competitor if it doesn’t sell very well. It’d be difficult to say, for instance, that the Zune was ever really providing “significant competition” to the iPod.

in years…


Both run Android 2.2 and will be upgradable to 2.3 in the future.

2.3 has been out for a few months already, and we know how good the Android device manufacturers are at getting updates issued after a device’s sale.
I thought the new target was 3.0.  The android ecosystem is just not up to the challenge yet.  And the manufacturers are having trouble matching Apple just on hardware innovation, forget the software for a moment. Now, keep in mind, I’m not a fan of the iPod Touch.  I’d rather have an iPhone or an iPad.  But I’d sure rather have a Touch than one of these Samsung devices.