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Scott Francis
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A little late to the party, as I had this stowed away in my InstaPaper account – but The Process Ninja (a.k.a. Craig Reid) gives a good review of the Nimbus product offering.  The money quote:
So without writing a 10 page blog post on Nimbus Control, here’s the executive summary: I liked it. Why did I like it? Well, the thing that stuck in my mind about Nimbus is that it’s built as a tool for end users – not business process people. That might sound disappointing for some of you out there but it shouldn’t be. Think of Nimbus as a highly evolved operations manual for staff and you are getting there. It’s for the guys in the call centre or the factory floor to use as an aid to do their work – much like the chap at the end of this video for Nimbus’s client Carphone Warehouse.
Good review, and some insight into Nimbus, a product I’m not all that familiar with.


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