New Blueworks Live Release Coming

Scott Francis
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On April 2nd, IBM is releasing another Blueworks Live update.  From the description on their blog, it sounds interesting, but we’ll be back on this space with a hands-on review once it is live.  From the blog, they’re introducing a few new features:
  • Process Playback.  Looks like a better way to present scenarios that leverage the process you’ve defined.  This should be a fun one to play with, and it is an interesting use case that you wouldn’t get from a purely execution-oriented point of view.
  • Glossary.  They’ve had this feature for a while, but apparently they’re updating the glossary with a few new features to improve upon it.
  • Process Automation.  4 new process templates sounds intriguing, and a better interface for reports and finding work sounds good too.
  • Navigation improvements. Well, this is the kind of thing where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ll have to see how I feel about the navigation changes after they’re released.  Watching a video doesn’t really do it justice.
More info coming by Monday.