ebizQ: Lean and BPM

Scott Francis
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ebizQ has a two part series on BPM and Lean – something we’ve written about in the past and our own Lance Gibbs is a proponent of:
Lean is actually a process of experimentation, rapid iterative cycles of learning and testing, where the next step, the next future state, is a hypothesis waiting to be tested before it is adopted. This is significantly different from implementation, where you select a “known” target state and budget time and resources to achieve it. Many traditional IT budgeting and governance processes resist this incremental, experimental approach – it feels risky and uncertain. But the reason so many projects disappoint is that it is impossible to truly know what the final end state will be.
Exactly – it isn’t about the end-state, it is about the journey.  Very appropriate for the BPM mindset.  The first part hits on a few other key points as well, including the idea that Lean is not just about cost-cutting (which sounds familiar to the BPM advocates out there).