BPM Design Pattern: Buffering

Scott Francis
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Anatoly Belychook’s recent post on Cross Functional patterns is covers the idea of buffering when choreographing processes between different functional groups.  As he points out, the “cardinality” of different functional organizations may be different – where one part of the organization might be dealing with a single order or invoice at a time, another part of the organization may prefer to work on batches of orders or invoices (e.g. paying invoices at End of Month), in other words, they need a buffer.  Of course, this pattern may seem obvious, but the good ones should seem obvious once properly explained. Anatoly’s posts on patterns (rather than templates) have been good in the past, and this is no exception.  He’s using BizAgi modeler to generate the images and they look sharp.  Other vendors who produce models should take note and allow for crisp export of images of the models – to promote sharing on blogs, among other reasons!