Required Reading for ACM & BPM Advocates

Scott Francis
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Anatoly’s excellent blog turns its attention to ACM:
Adaptive Case Management was one of the most discussed BPM topics in 2010. It transformed from fuzzy marketing noise into a more or less consistent concept over the past year. Why “more or less”? Because even the authors of “Mastering the Unpredictable” – probably the most authoritative book on ACM to date – say in the preface that there is no consensus among them, so the book in essence is a collection of articles. Nevertheless there are more similarities than differences in their positions, hence the consistent concept.
He goes on to give his take – an admittedly different perspective from many of the other authors on the subject and an interesting read.  He challenges the orthodoxy of both ACM thinking and BPM thinking in his blog, which is part of why I find it a refreshing read.