Adam Deane on Analyst Relations and BPM Vendors

Scott Francis
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Adam Deane on how to promote your BPM company:
Industry Analysts I’ve explained the importance of industry analysts . Industry Analysts listen to customers, they have an impact on vendor strategy, and can have an impact on vendor sales. BPM Consultancy Companies A sales lead from them is probably one of the most qualified leads you’ll ever get.  They meet customers. They are their trusted advisors. Independent consultants and people in the field Again. They are the customer’s trusted advisors. They are physically sitting in their offices. They are part of their team. Their voice counts. People in the field have an enormous impact on decisions.
He then goes on to list, in his opinion, the most influential BPM industry analysts (including a couple that don’t work for Gartner and Forrester).  It is a good list, he has picked out the right people.  He mentions that BPM consultancies and independents but demurs because the list would be too long.  Actually there are surprisingly few consultancies that are really engaged in blogging and the online BPM community, relative to how many total consultancies are out there.